electric boogaloo

Oh dear lord

Remember this conversation?

Well in the middle of sing-song jabber about eating eggs with a fork and fishing in the lake and sunshine and everything nice, he said.

–now I didn’t brace myself for this, but you might want to. I wish to God I had.–

“Mama, do you have a big ol’ hole in you?”


“That’s how the baby got in your tummy. I bet you have a big ol’ hole in you somewhere and that’s where Daddy put the baby in.”

Crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap.

I dodged a little at first, and even lamely tried to deny it by saying, “Well no, I uhh… don’t, uhh you know the baby was teeeeeeny teeeeeny tiny when he went in my tummy…”

“I think you just probly have a big ol’ hole.”


What could I do? I quickly and quietly admitted that yes, ladies do have a hole and that’s where daddies put babies.

And then I died.

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