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bloggiversary! bloggiversary!

Ten is a lot of years. More than a quarter of my life so far. For ambitious people, ten is long enough to start a new career and be able to put “a seasoned professional with ten years of experience” on a resume. Long enough to become a doctor almost.

For us it’s been long enough to buy and completely pay off two entire cars.
Six different homes.
Four jobs not counting freelance and self employment.
Three dogs, two cats, a gecko, a bird, and numerous fishes.
700 or more trips to buy groceries, thousands of miles in four vehicles
A handful of lost friends and some new friends and in some cases we even re-made the lost ones and then made new ones that were introduced to us as a result but then we got busy and sort of lost touch.
Seven website re-designs.
Thousands of nachos.
Three or four rounds of pile-up-debt-again, pay-it-all-off-again
Similarly: gained weight, lost most of it, gained more, lost it again, and gained it all back.
We bought an exercise bike.
We started a business.
We ditched our television and stayed clean for the first seven years. Then we got better internet and oh my god do you know there’s a show called Project Runway about all these designers who have to make everything in only one day?? And everything is Wars now. Back in the 90s there was Junkyard Wars and then Robot Wars, and then there was a dot com bust and we couldn’t afford cable. But now! Now there’s Storage Wars, Parking Wars, Chef Wars, Ballet Wars, Nose Wars, Nanny Wars… ten years is enough time for television to become very exciting.

A lot of mistakes, throwing smugness away, going from knowing a great many things to crap, what the hell do we know? Knowing things is for people in their 20s, people without kids, people who are on career paths. Then we turned 30 and had kids and lost jobs and got sick and got better and had to throw away a lot of pride. Humble wisdom and empathy are the consolation prizes.

Ten years, as all of the books predicted, is enough time to grow a human from a gummy bear all the way up to a 55-pound bundle of jump and words who swings under the spiral staircase while he talks, who loves birds and paradoxes and books, hates to wear a sweater and can’t do school work without climbing on the table.

It’s enough time to start a blog, build it into something pretty good, then let it fall into decline because at the end of each day when the house is quiet enough for writing, I fall unconscious until someone rouses me seven hours later with a rapid-fire series of urgent questions about the periodic table. You would think that ten years would also be enough time to teach a child how to get themselves a bowl of cereal with milk in the morning, but no. I mean, he knows how but he won’t do it unless he has someone to talk to. I think that milestone happens somewhere in the next ten years.

Tens of thousands of photos.
Tens of thousands of thousands of emails, loads of them spam.
Nearly 2,000 blog posts.
Millions of comments.
Billions of nice people being nice.
Jillions of something that ties up this post neatly.

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14 Responses to “bloggiversary! bloggiversary!”

  1. Jill W. says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

  2. Happy bloggiversary! I am old!

  3. Jessica says:

    He’s ONLY 55 pounds?? Good lord, you haven’t been working hard enough. In ten years, I grew a 90+ pound gummy bear! HA!

    I haven’t been here in ages and I kinda hate myself for that! Happy Anniversary. I’m so lucky to have “known” you for this whole time too!!

  4. Jen says:

    Happy bloggiversary! I’m glad you’re still around!

  5. eileen says:

    Well, I haven’t been with you the whole ten years, but I love what I see, what you can share with us, and what you spin with your fabulous words. Thanks for giving us a window, and welcoming us to peep in a bit.

  6. electric boogaloo says:

    Haha Jess, yeah he is small for his age! Exactly average height, skinny. He eats a TON, but he never stops moving.

  7. winecat says:

    Happy bloggiversary, wow lots of things happened in 10 years here and with you.

  8. squirl says:

    Happy bloggiversary, Tiffany! I don’t think your blog was all that old when I first started reading it. I’ve always love reading your writing and the fun, loving way you depict your family. My world would have been a much smaller place without the Electric Boogalo!

  9. Brainy girl says:

    I love this blog and I love your family. You and your kids have been a small but meaningful part of my life for as many years as I can remember. Even with long absences, I faithfully check for an update every day, and I never fail to be thrilled with whatever you’ve thrown out there. Interestingly, I also never feel resentful when you haven’t posted anything, because it just confirms that your life is just as crazy as mine and who could find the time for a blog??

  10. el-e-e says:

    congratulations and happy blogiversary! :) I’ve missed reading you but I totally get the “fall unconscious” part!

  11. Jenine says:

    Zooming past for the first time in a while. Happy happy blog blog! May there be enough humble wisdom and empathy for all of us. And I hear you about the child with the rapid-fire questions.

  12. Reesa says:

    Happy blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed what you’ve put on this site.

  13. Ellie says:

    Yeah, no. As they go through the next ten years, they stop talking first thing in the morning, whilst expecting (demanding. Insisting) that you give them breakfast. It is a weird thing. I find, too, that the older they are, the more likely they want to come talk to you from the other side of the shower curtain whilst you bathe.

  14. Not on Fire says:

    Many happy returns of the day! Happy Anniversary!

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