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New holiday tradition ideas for market testing

August 03, 2005
SUBJ: New holiday tradition

All: As promised here are results of yesterday’s brainstorm meeting, re: new holiday tradition. I will update you after initial focus group.

poop on a stoop
whore on the floor
rat on a hat
elf on a shelf
scotty on the potty
shill on a sill
crook on a book
clark gable on a table
dork on a fork
mouse on a spouse
santa on mylanta
fairy on some dairy
manticora on whatever the hell a manticora wants to be on
basilisk on a compact disk
brownie on a brownie
dwarf on a wharf
gnome on a tome
ass on the grass (as in donkey? + what kind of grass – ask Judy to clarify)
vampire on a lamp wire
troll on a pole
shade on a spade
orc on a fork
witch on a dish
slug on a rug
brave little toaster on a coaster (trademark v?)
hare on a chair
wyvern on a Boston fern
cub in your tub

Let me know if I am missing any of the top ideas that were discussed.


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One Response to “New holiday tradition ideas for market testing”

  1. Dspence says:

    You have the makings of the next Dr Seuss up there! Woo!

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